Meet the Staff
States of Licensure
Company History
KJG Engineering began operations in 2005 as a separate division from our parent company KJG Architecture. Since 2005 we have expanded our professional staff to include four Structural Engineers, one Electrical Engineer, and licensure in twelve states. Our engineering team is composed of experienced professionals whose résumés include work for some of the largest engineering and architecture firms in the country and design experience in over 40 states. We currently offer structural consulting services including new commercial building design, residential and commercial building inspections, industrial equipment supports, light gage curtain wall systems, construction shoring design, 3-D structural modeling, concrete tanks and retaining walls, and other specialty structural designs. We also offer electrical engineering services including new commercial building design, arc flash studies, explosion proof designs, roadway lighting, and other specialty electrical designs.
Company Philosophy
At KJG Engineering, we are passionate about engineering and maintaining satisfied customers. Therefore, on every project, we commit to being a Team Player and finding the perfect combination of expert engineering consulting and great customer service. We understand that input from the entire project team is crucial to the success of every project, and we are keenly aware that the project team does not just include KJG Engineering and other consultants, but also the owner of the project, the contractors, and even the community in some cases. We strive to develop strong relationships with each member of the project team to ensure that we help deliver a successful project. We understand that many of our clients are not involved in the design of building systems on a daily basis; therefore, our contribution to the project team is competent engineering advice and guidance throughout the entire project which allows the other members of the team to focus on the areas of the project where their specialties lie. KJG Engineering is often involved in a project from some of the earliest schematic designs through a final construction walk-through. KJG Engineering helps identify construction conflicts and code concerns early in the design phase all the way to helping solve construction problems that arise in the field. This constant involvement ensures that you have a consistent Teammate throughout your building project.
Engineering Philosophy

We pride ourselves at KJG Engineering on providing expert structural design and guidance, seeking to provide economical and practical designs while holding life safety in a structure to the utmost importance. We commit to staying current on all building codes, design standards, and construction methods.  We pride ourselves on taking a uniquely hands-on approach to Structural Engineering. We understand that sound engineering cannot be provided solely from our office, and that good designs must not simply meet applicable codes, but they must also adapt to the project constraints and be easily constructible. To accomplish these goals, we dialogue regularly with contractors and construction managers, continually refining our designs to arrive at a solution for each project that meets the owner's goals.