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Engineering our built future

About KJG
Lafayette YMCA
Our Mission

We pride ourselves at KJG Engineering on providing expert structural design and guidance, seeking to provide economical and practical designs while holding the life safety of a structure to the utmost importance.

Where we're from

KJG Engineering began operations in 2006 as a separate division from KJG Architecture. Since 2006, we have expanded our professional staff of Structural Engineers with licenses across the United States. 

What we do

We currently offer structural consulting services including new commercial building design, residential and commercial building inspections, industrial equipment supports, light gage curtain wall systems, construction shoring design, 3-D structural modeling, concrete tanks and retaining walls, and other specialty structural systems. We commit to staying current on all building codes, design standards, and construction methods. We understand that sound engineering cannot be provided solely from our office, and that good designs must not simply meet applicable codes, but they must also adapt to the project constraints while also being easily constructible. To accomplish these goals, we regularly interact with contractors and construction managers, continually refining our designs to arrive at a solution for each project that meets the owner's goals.   












What our clients think:

“[KJG] engineering is solid, but what really sets them apart is their coordination and responsiveness.  Our staff appreciates the effective two-way communication during design.  Our clients and contractors appreciate their prompt response during construction... ”

"KJG Interiors paid attention to what mattered most to us: creating a design with our culture in mind"

"The team at KJG [Residential] was receptive, knowledgeable, and very cooperative with our questions and changes."

- Scott B. Perkins, AIA

Principal Architect | Blackline Studios

- Stuart R. Gutwein
Attorney | Gutwein Law

- Ryan Zeck


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