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Kelly Good

Owner, Senior Architect, AIA

Kelly founded KJG Architecture in 1997 and has served as the President and Senior Architect since the firm’s inception. After graduating from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, he developed an extensive background in the field with decades of experience at several design firms. His portfolio includes education, municipal, commercial, retail, religious, multi-family, industrial, and dozens of multi-use building designs. In addition, Kelly has an extensive construction administration background, as well as specialties in site planning, code research, and document review. Kelly is very proud to see KJG build a team of talented designers and watch them create great designs and change the environment in Tippecanoe County and beyond. He also finds it very rewarding to watch KJG’s clients see their design come to life. Outside of the office, Kelly enjoys his hobby of flying, taking his family to different vacation destinations around the country.

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